Any concern for vulnerability can be mitigated through physical and personal security consulting. During the consulting process an assessment is made of the existing conditions, recommendations for improvement are proposed, and any required modifications are implemented. The physical security analysis includes site surveys and audits and, upon completion, recommendations on choice and placement of security equipment and personnel. The personal security analysis includes an evaluation of circumstances and recommendations for security training of individuals.

Paladin consultants customize each project according to the circumstances. Also available is consulting on areas such as Executive Protection; Financial Institution Security Analysis and Training; Forensic Document Analysis; Physical Security Surveys; and Security Force Training.

Undercover Operations

Many problems in the workplace are just not solvable by normal methods. Placing an undercover operatives in your work place to investigate employees regarding theft, fraud, inventory shrinkage, workers compensation claims, employee absenteeism / time misuse, drug abuse, violation of company policies and more may be a workable alternative.

Paladin has implemented undercover operations in numerous instances and types of businesses. Ranging from a few hours to several months, Paladin has the capability to serve your needs in this arena.

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